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Do you want to start your journey with U++? This is probably the best place to start with. On this site we are presenting the complete list of our tutorials. We have divided them into two categories. The first group focus on the usage of our development environment TheIDE. While the other teaches the core technologies related to the U++ framework.

We have also the collection of video tutorials. They are maybe not spectacular, but they will show you how to install and configure TheIDE.

If you think that there are areas that will need more tutorial coverage. We are open to your suggestions. You could also become an author of the tutorials. Just contact us on the forum if you want to help in this area. We accept the textual and video form.

At the end, we want to wish you persistence in learning. Good luck!



Let's learn about our integrated development environment TheIDE. This is rather the collection of applications tutorial rather than code tutorial. We strongly recommended to start here, because the code that uses U++ framework is mainly written in TheIDE.

Please notice that you could use our integrated development environment separately. It can even acts as a powerful editor.

Getting started with TheIDE - the introduction to the concepts of TheIDE.

TheIDE beginner guide - continuation provides information how to solve common problems.


U++ framework

Use the whole power provided by the U++ framework. Learn how to use it's most important features.

Core Tutorial - the introduction to the foundations behind the framework.

GUI Tutorial - learn how to build graphical user interfaces with the U++.

Draw Tutorial - get knowledge about drawing custom content inside window or control.

Image Tutorial - check out the mechanism behind the image manipulation.

Network Tutorial - learn how to use U++ core components for network application creation.

Sql Tutorial - introduction to using databases within U++ framework.



If you are looking for books about the U++ framework, here is a list of books we recommend:

Getting started with the U++ Framework - the book written by Frederik Dumarey and reviewed by the main authors of U++. It is an excellent starting point for anyone new to the framework. Also, if you are an experienced U++ developer, you will find much valuable content, including a deep dive into Skylark and Turtle.


The are also set of world class articles created by U++ authors from which you can learn:

Getting Started with U++ 2022.2 - new getting started article related to one of the newest release - good starting point for everyone who wants to start journey with U++.

Some Shocking Facts You Probably Didn't Want to Know about U++ Framework... - the design principles behind U++ framework. A must read for all beginners.

Text to SVG Path Utility in U++ - learn how to create useful utility to convert plain text to SVG.

Simple Multi-Request Web Crawler using U++ - interested in network and concurrent programming with U++? This article will show you how to create simple parallel web crawler with user interface.

Evaluating expression with descend parser and U++ CParser - do you want to learn how to parse complex mathematical formulas using U++ and present them to the user? If, yes this article is for you.

Parallel QuickSort with U++ CoWork - our computers from one year to another are much more faster. Learn how to use this power with CoWork, which is the tool for very easy code parallelization within U++ framework.


Video tutorials

We also have several video tutorials in our library:

Basic GUI application - observe how one of U++ framework co-author writes basic GUI application. Tutorial posses voice commentary.

The list of all available video tutorials can be found here.

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