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Learn C/C++ with TheIDE


If you want to begin your journey with C/C++ or even start learning programing TheIDE is what you are looking for. It runs on most modern operating system and allows to develop applications according to the latest standards. Moreover, TheIDE code base allows to launch it on different kind of architecture like ARM. In U++ foundation, we strongly believe that cheap ARM computers like Raspberry Pi is a key to learn programing among young people.

TheIDE is not only intended to be only IDE for U++ purpose. It works well with standardized C++. Currently with  embedded compiler on Microsoft Windows TheIDE fully supports C++20 and C17. On GNU/Linux the capability is similar due to usage of operating system bundled compiler. Please notice that projects created on one system can be easily moved to another without any modification. If you don't know what is compiler I hasten to explain. It is a program that translates your code into a format that is understandable by your computer.

One of the biggest advantage of TheIDE is that it is an open source project. For the long term perspective, it contributed to the maturity and stability. It was also created by people from different cultures that had got their own ideas to improve IDE.

Open source is not only the factor that improves productivity. It is also a good source of knowledge.You can freely study and change the code From my own experience it is a big thing, because it allows you to learn faster. On the occasion, you absorb good coding style and learn how big code base works and individual element interacts with each other. This knowledge is very important for further programmers.

You can download TheIDE completely for free from our website. If you are beginner, we highly recommended to download stable releases. It is mostly safer and more polished that nightly builds.

Sounds interesting? You can move to site where we explain step by step how to create the easiest program in C/C++ with TheIDE. Good luck!

University students

If you are a computer science student or you study similar direction that's looking for gaining experience in open source word. You can start your professional software development, career directly with U++ and TheIDE. We are open to new people that can support us with their skills and bring fresh ideas to our framework.

Why experience in open source is so important? First of all, it allows you to obtain several critical skills that will be needed in your further carer. In this case you will learn how to work with big code base. In meanwhile, you understand how tools that support development works. In this group there are two critical things that everyone should know - version control applications (such as GIT & SVN) and project management system (Redmine).

Work with the best people in the industry. Nothing can boost your programing skill that watches how experience developers work and write their code. We are aware that at the beginning not everything is clear and transparent. Therefore, we strongly believe that communication is the key. Ask and we certainly find a solution for your problem.

The easiest way to start a journey with open source is to find a bug and deliver an appropriate patch. It should come naturally when you work daily with U++ and TheIDE. Later you can implement your own features. If you are looking for inspiration, please visit our Google Summer of Code site.

It is also possible to write your thesis based on and within U++ framework.

For further qualifications, contact us via our official forum and let us know that you want to work with us. To demonstrate your skills you can post simply, patch that repair bug.

Education institutions

This part of the article is addressed to people representing education institutions. If your school or university is interested to use TheIDE as a learning resource. Fell free to use it and install it in the computer lab.

Currently we don't provide fully professional commercial support, but if you have any troubles with TheIDE you can ask questions on our official forum.




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