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Iml and image list class methods





class Iml

Single global instance of Iml class is associated with each image list class which represents content of .iml file designed by image designer. Class provides array-like access to the list of Images. To acquire Iml instance for particular image list class, call its Iml class method.



Public Method List


void Reset()

Resets image list class to the content designed in Image designer.



int GetCount() const

Returns the number of Images in the list.



String GetId(int i)

Returns the identifier of Image at i.



Image Get(int i)

Returns the Image at i.



int Find(const String& sconst

Finds the position of Image with given id. Returns negative value if not found.



void Set(int i, const Image& img)

Overwrites the Image at i.



Image list class methods

These class methods are defined in each Image list class:



static ::Iml& Iml();

Return reference to Iml object for given image list class.



static int Find(const String& id)

static int Find(const char *id)

Same as Iml().Find(id).



static int GetCount()

Same as Iml().GetCount().



static String GetId(int i)

Same as Iml().GetId(i).



static Image Get(int i)

Same as Iml().Get(i).



static Image Get(const char *id)

static Image Get(const String& id)

Same as Iml().Get(Find(id)). Image with required id must exist in image list.



static void Set(int i, const Image& m)

Same as Iml().Set(i, m).



static void Set(const char *s, const Image& m)

Same as Iml().Set(s, m).



static void Reset()

Same as Iml().Reset.



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