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The DockMenu class provides access to all of the standard menus used throughout the framework. It provides the means to create customized window management menus according to you needs.


class DockMenu


void Set(DockWindow &dockwindow)

 Sets the owning DockWindow. This function must be called before any menu generating functions.


void LayoutListMenu(Bar &bar)

 Adds a menu with a sub-menu list of layouts to bar to allow quick layout changes.


void GroupListMenu(Bar &bar)

 Adds a list of all available groups to bar with a sub-menu of GroupWindowsMenu for each group.


void WindowListMenu(Bar &bar, String group)

 Adds a list of all DockableCtrls in group to bar with sub-menus of WindowMenu for changing their states/positions.


void GroupMenu(Bar &bar, String group)

 Adds a group actions menu for group to bar.


void GroupWindowsMenu(Bar &bar, String group)

 Adds GroupMenu and WindowListMenu menu to bar for group.


void GroupDockMenu(Bar &bar, String group)

 Adds group docking options to bar for group.


void GroupHideMenu(Bar &bar, String group)

 Adds group auto-hide options to bar for group.


void GroupTabDockMenu(Bar &bar, String group)

 Adds group tabify-docking options to bar for group.


void WindowMenuNoClose(Bar &bar, DockableCtrl *dc)

 As WindowMenu, but without the 'close' option.


void WindowMenu(Bar &bar, DockableCtrl *dc)

 Adds a standard window menu to bar for dc.


void WindowDockMenu(Bar &bar, DockableCtrl *dc)

 Adds a window docking menu to bar for dc


void WindowHideMenu(Bar &bar, DockableCtrl *dc)

 Adds a window auto-hide menu to bar for dc


DockMenu(DockWindow *dockwindow = NULL)

 Class Contructor. Optionally also set the owning DockWindow.





 DockConfigDlg is a standard way for users to manage groups, layouts and set some global options. You can call it directly or use the DockManager function provided by DockWindow.


There isn't much customization available at the moment, but because it only uses the public interface of DockWindow it can serve as a template/source for a customized version if desired.


class DockConfigDlg : public WithDockConfigLayout<TopWindow> 


DockConfigDlg(DockWindow &dockwindow)

 Class Constructor. dockwindow is the window to manage.



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