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PasteClip basic formats support functions.


const char *ClipFmtsText()

Returns a list of format ids associated with plain text (actually, returns "text;wtext").



bool AcceptText(PasteClip& clip)

Accepts clip if it is text (returns true for drop).



String GetString(PasteClip& clip)

WString GetWString(PasteClip& clip)

Gets text from clip.



String GetTextClip(const String& text, const String& fmt)

String GetTextClip(const WString& text, const String& fmt)

Created ClipData binary data for text based on fmt.



void Append(VectorMap<String, ClipData>& data, const String& text)

void Append(VectorMap<String, ClipData>& data, const WString& text)

Appends text as "text" and "wtext" formats to data.



const char *ClipFmtsImage()

Returns host platform specific semicolon separated list of format ids associated with raster images.



bool AcceptImage(PasteClip& clip)

Accepts clip if it contains an raster image (returns true for drop).



Image GetImage(PasteClip& clip)

Extracts Image from clip.



String GetImageClip(const Image& m, const String& fmt)

Constructs binary clip data from m of format fmt.



void Append(VectorMap<String, ClipData>& data, const Image& img)

Appends platform specific raster image formats of img to data.



bool IsAvailableFiles(PasteClip& clip)

Returns true if clip.contains a list of OS shell files (drag operation from OS shell filelist to U++ application).



bool AcceptFiles(PasteClip& clip)

Accepts clip.if it contains a list of OS shell files.



Vector<StringGetClipFiles(const String& data)

Extracts a list of OS shell files from raw Clipboard data (result of ClipData::Get call).



Vector<StringGetFiles(PasteClip& clip)

Extracts a list of OS shell files from clip.



template <class TString ClipFmt()

Constructs a special clip format id based on type. Useful when transferring data between U++ applications



template <class Tbool Accept(PasteClip& clip)

Accepts clip if it contains a format id based on ClipFmt.



template <class TVectorMap<String, ClipDataInternalClip(const T& x, const char *id = "")

Creates 'internal' clip for variable x. Internal clips only work within single process as they are using simple pointers to objects. x must exists as long as clip is available.



template <class Tbool IsAvailableInternal(PasteClip& d, const char *id = "")

Returns true if there is internal clip  of required type and id in d.



template <class Tbool AcceptInternal(PasteClip& d, const char *id = "")

Accepts internal clip of required type and id.



template <class Tconst T& GetInternal(PasteClip& d)

Returns a reference to internal clip.


template <class Tconst T *GetInternalPtr(PasteClip& d, const char *id = "")

If internal clip of required type and id is available, returns a pointer to it, NULL otherwise.


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