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Icon Designer

Table of contents


1. Introduction

2. Fundamental controls

3. Supersampling

4. Interpolation


1. Introduction

Icon Designer is a tool directly integrated to TheIDE that allows editing .iml files. This file type acts as an icon container. Each icon can be directly referenced in the source code of the application. This documentation page focuses on showing Icon designer as a tool and do not discuss code aspects.



Above image shows full interface of Icon Designer.

More information about using icons in the source code can be found in the image tutorial.

2. Fundamental controls

Below is the list of the control scheme of Icon Designer:


Left mouse button

Draws the current color.

Right mouse button

Picks current color.

Shift+Left mouse button

Flood fill.

Ctrl+Left mouse button

Flood fill with color tolerance.

Alt+Left mouse button

Flood fill with larger color tolerance.

Shift+cursor keys

Move selection if any, scroll image otherwise.

Mouse wheel

Zoom in / out


3. Supersampling

icon scales 3 times by repeating pixels:


After drawing detailed content that will get smooth antialiased appearance when rescaled down again using :


Scaling up and down algorithms are paired in a way that is loss-less for unaltered parts of image. It is therefore possible to edit parts of already supersampled Image without problems.

and provide identical function scaling two times.

button activates "supersampled preview" - in addition to the real size, preview also shows 2x and 3x downscaled images.

4. Interpolation

Interpolation is a function that fills transparent areas with colors created by smooth interpolation of non-transparent pixels in the area:


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