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GSoC 2011. Student page




If you are an student, knows C++ and you have some weeks to get a good job (and get money for it (^_^)), you can propose us a project!


Before beginning read Advice for GSoC Students Page.


Please check the next points. Some of them are easy for you, and others will be less easy.


To apply, try to answer all these subjects and post them in your proposal to our Forum. following the Application Template.





We love C++. Good use of its features will be interesting.



Free Time


Oh, free time... It is summer and you will have to work about 40 hours per week during three months. That is the truth, we want to be sincere with you. Be sure you will have that free time to work with us.



Who are you?


We want to know you, so introduce yourself in our Forum.


In addition, if we know you and we see you are involved in project you will have more opportunities.



The proposal is important


Do it with care as there you show us how are you interested and how you plan to focus the job.


Follow the template and take your time.





Go to our ideas page and read the shown ideas. You have two possibilities:


You like some idea

That is perfect. Study it and help us in Forum to develop more that idea. Contact the ideas proponents. Try to follow the ideas format as it will be easier for us to include it.


Do not fear that you will help to develop an idea that other student will use. It is clear that if you help us with anticipation, you will be chosen as the student to program that idea.


Remember that the final proposal will be customized to you.



You do not like the ideas... but you have one that is good

No problem. We are open to new proposals. Remember you will have three months, so do not try to be too generic and too optimistic. See our mentor list and contact the person with skills that match better with your ideas.



And what about the mentor?


Do not worry about the Mentor. We will provide you one. We are new in GSoC, but with our Tutoring Plan we have tried to help new people to enter in U++ world and we have trained Tutors to be in a future your Mentor.



Students List


Here is the students list:


Andrei Natanael Cosma.


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