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Subversion Install and Permissions


Subversion Install


Upp project and Bazaar packages are hosted in Upp hosting system and latest releases are available through Subversion. This is an Open Source version control system.


So first of all you will have to install a Subversion (Svn) client like TortoiseSVN, SmartSVN, SlikSVN, kdesvn or just a "apt-get install subversion" in Linux. Be sure that in Windows the svn client is in PATH environment variable although this is usually done by installer.



Upload Permissions


Well. You have svn installed so that you could get the latest source code from Google Code mirror with just this command line:


svn checkout http://upp-mirror.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ my-upp-mirror



To get upload permissions you will have to send a post to Forum/Bazaar, explain as much details as possible about your project and ask for permission to upload it to Bazaar.


If the project is accepted (as usual), Upp administrator will contact you and give you the address where you have to upload your new package, username (your Upp Forum nick) and password.


For example, if the svn base address is "svn://", you should have to upload your package to "svn://".


Please do not put spaces in your package name. You also should take care to not modify others packages (you may have write access to them too).


When you commit (upload to svn server) the changes do not forget to enter a comment following this format:


"My_Cool_Package: First release"




"My_Cool_Package: Added X an Y. Fixed bug Z"



The http://code.google.com/p/upp-mirror/source/list will mirror it within an hour. Then you will see your new release in Bazaar, congratulations, your first release is done!


And do not put many different features into single commit. It is better to separate them if they do different things.


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