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Team collaboration (Slack)

Getting started with Slack

Slack is a team collaboration tool. It supports group chat, text and video chat between any two persons. Moreover, Slack in the perfect way separates user accounts. It means that you need to have account per organization, not per whole service. If you want to know more about slack, do not forget to read the Wikipedia article.

Ours Slack is available at the following address: uplusplus.slack.com. To obtain access, write private message to forum user Klugier. Don't forget to attach e-mail address where the invitation should be sent. For better records, in the message title, please write following phrase "[SLACK] $UserName" where the $UserName is your user name used by you on our discussion forum.

Why we use Slack? Because, it supports our development process. This is the great addition to the forum and project management tool. In the past, we used IRC, so using Slack for us is the natural progression.


U++ Slack offers several dedicated communication channels. Below is the complete list of them:

#general - the main discussion stream.

#random - not U++ related topics. talk about anything you want with the members of the community.

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