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class Drawing : private AssignValueTypeNo<Drawing, 49, Moveable<Drawing> > 

This concrete class, with full value semantics (with fast deep copy) represents a record of Draw drawing operations that can be replayed at any time. In other words, Drawing is a sort of vector format. To create Drawing, use DrawingDraw class.

Drawing is Value compatible with "rich" feature set - as Value it supports equality comparisons, serialization, Null compatibility and hash-value support.



Public Method List


operator bool() const

True if Drawing is non-empty.



Size GetSize() const

Returns the size of Drawing - the value explicitly defined in DrawingDraw or set by SetSize.



void SetSize(Size sz)

void SetSize(int cx, int cy)

Sets the size of Drawing.



Size RatioSize(int cx, int cyconst

Size RatioSize(Size szconst

If either width or height specified as parameter is zero, it gets computed based on current Drawing size and nonzero height or width keeping the aspect ratio. If both width and height are zero, returns Drawing size.



void Clear()

Sets Drawing empty.



void Append(Drawing& dw)

Appends another Drawing at the end.



void Serialize(Stream& s)

Serializes the content of Drawing with the stream s.



bool IsNullInstance() const

True if Drawing is empty.



bool operator==(const Drawing& bconst

True if both Drawings are equal.



String ToString() const

Text representation for debug purposes.



unsigned GetHashValue() const

Hash value.



operator Value() const

Returns Drawing as Value - Drawing is "rich" Value, supporting operator==, hashing, Null and serialization.



Constructor detail


Drawing(const Value& src)

Deep copy constructor.




Default constructor.



Drawing(const Nuller&)

Null constructor (provides Drawing Null).



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